Quadrupling the speed of sewer inspection with artificial intelligence.
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Hi! I’m Matt

I’m the engineer that co-created the fastest sewer inspection software on the market for “interceptor” pipes (those are the 6-foot pipes that run from the plants to our towns).

Now, I’m starting a new company called SewerAI focused on “mainline” pipes (the 6-inch pipes that run from the street to our homes) using machine learning.



Hi! I’m Bill.

In the aftermath of the financial crisis, I became determined to find a niche in Construction insulated from the volatile nature of the markets. My passion for the environment and alternative energy lead me to wastewater maintenance. In 2011, I developed a proprietary Large Diameter Sewer cleaning system, incorporated Pipe and Plant Solutions (located in Oakland, CA), and began bidding on the toughest large diameter sewer cleaning projects in California. The business grew quickly, performing difficult projects for the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, EBMUD, and the City of San Jose. Now I hope to take sewer inspection efficiency to the next level with automation and SewerAI.



Hi! I'm Marty.

I'm the Head of Engineering, where I oversee our development team and the development of all of our products. I have over 15 years of experience in the tech industry as an engineer, manager, and mentor where I helped to design, develop and deploy successful products.

Prior to SewerAI, I've worked in many interesting industries; Cloud Computing, Health Care, and CI/CD. Now I am taking my expertise to the Infrastructure industry with SewerAI.

In my spare time, you'll find me hanging with my family, playing ice hockey, reading, and listen to music.