Advancing Wastewater Management: Innovations in AI and Cloud Computing with SewerAI

April 24, 2024
The Underground Infrastructure Podcast

We're excited to share our latest podcast feature on 'Subsurface Stories,' where our very own Eric Sullivan, Director of Business Development at SewerAI, delves into the groundbreaking advancements we're making in the wastewater industry. In this enlightening episode, Eric discusses the transformative impact of AI and cloud computing in wastewater management, showcasing SewerAI's pioneering solutions. He shares insights into our journey in revolutionizing infrastructure assessment with technologies like photogrammetry and AI. The episode also sheds light on the challenges we've overcome and the strides we've made in data security and operational efficiency. Discover with us how SewerAI is leading the charge in propelling the wastewater industry into the future. Tune in to hear how we're shaping the landscape of infrastructure technology.

Podcast is available on several platforms: