Create an accurate digital twin of your underground infrastructure with a 360 camera
3D model and Photogrammetry

State of the Art technology that creates a digital twin of you maintenance hole inspections

Stream and Review

Utilize SewerAI’s MH condition assessment services to complete the NASSCO MACP analysis for you

Leverage AutoCode

Artificial Intelligence to Reduce Costs & Increase Accuracy of MACP® Reporting

Turn-Key MACP® Level 2 Services

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One of the most disruptive additions to SewerAI’s offering is that you can now utilize affordable “prosumer” cameras such as the GoPro MAX (360) to inspect MHs, & using the tools on PIONEER®, automatically generate and download 3D models & detailed point clouds of structures, unfolded (2D) “flat” views, and conduct all measurements required for your NASSCO MACP® Level 1 or 2 surveys!

Harness the power of photogrammetry and build a Digital Twin of your sewer system.

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Pays for itself
overall optimal cost savings per Ft of inspected pipe
More accurate
more sewer conditions identified with AutoCode
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Engineering Firms, Utilities, and Contractors who have launched their businesses into the 21st century with SewerAI

Supports All Major Hardware

SewerAI provides NASSCO MACP MH inspection reports & deliverables in industry-standard formats, & can ingest data from all major MH inspection camera hardware systems.

Code it Yourself in the Cloud

Digital Side Scan (DSS) 360° inspections stream in your browser, enabling analysis of MH components, virtual pan & tilt, unfolded "flat" view, 3D measurement within the geometric point cloud, & annotations of all structural & maintenance defects.

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