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Satisfy your customers and improve your cash flow

The Challenge

Protecting Your assets.

Consistent work products

From Monday through Friday, week to week, and crew to crew, the quality of your CCTV inspection data can vary widely.

Speed and safety

Keeping your crews focused on what matters, instead of painstakingly annotating and reviewing sewer videos.

Meeting client specs on submittals

Having the right tools to deliver exactly what your customers need, in a timely fashion, and collaborating conveniently if changes are needed.

Our Infrastructure is Failing

The United States has over 6 billion feet of sewage pipe underground. This critical water infrastructure supports the health and safety of our communities. However, according to the EPA, half of our nation's sewer infrastructure is at the end of its useful life and is failing. This means that every year 860 billion gallons of raw untreated sewage gets dumped into our cities, streams, lakes, oceans, and waterways causing incalculable damage to the environment and to public health.

This is a $1.65 trillion dollar infrastructure problem. For decades, wastewater professionals have lacked the information and tools to proactively manage these challenges. Partner with SewerAI today and empower Operators, Engineers, and Utility Directors to accelerate and stop these disasters before they happen.

The Solution

Protecting your assets.

Municipal sewer management
using AI to speed up maintenance
  • Dec 17, 2021

With SewerAI, utilities can extend the
remaining useful life of their assets

Apply our computer vision and cloud computing technology to:

With SewerAI, utilities can extend the remaining useful life of
their assets

Apply our computer vision and cloud computing technology to:
  • Double your production - simply “Load and Code!”
  • AutoCode ensures a high level of consistency, regardless of the CCTV operator.
  • Upload, store, stream, review and share ALL your inspection data with ALL your clients.
  • Submit your deliverables digitally by providing links to the client for seamless review and approval.
  • Accelerate your Accounts Receivable and scale your business for growth.

SewerAI proudly Serves the following utilities

Real customers, real value

PIONEER is the best thing to happen for us in a long time!! So happy with this program!!!

Rob Woodson
CCTV Operator, HK Solutions

The quality increase has allowed me to focus on other stuff. My hourly rate in terms of saved hours is a huge implicit cost savings. The things I can do with that added time adds a lot of value to our business.

Bobbac Kashani
Data/GIS Manager, Pipe & Plant Solutions Inc.

The data is readily available both in the app & via an API, making it easier for operations to make critical decisions required to maintain the collection system. SewerAI reduced the internal labor hrs needed to code & review, & the data is more precise.

Gregy Eyerly
Senior Assistant Director, City of Houston

SewerAI & RJN worked together to develop a cutting edge solution for I/I reduction programs that accelerates the production of CCTV, elevates the quality, & reduces the cost of condition assessment of wastewater assets.

Dennis Gilberton
Innovation, Technology & Sustainability Director at RJN

Engineers want proof. After AutoCode had identified 5 extra deficiencies in the first 15 feet beyond what the engineers had, they were convinced.

Mike Ingham
Chief Sales Officer, HK Solutions Group

Our inspection volume is very high. With this AI technology, we get more time back, so we don’t have to hurry repairs.

Fazle Rabbi
Managing Engineer, City of Houston

This is a game changer. While using the CCTV software, I set personal and company best days for Linear Feet inspected several times. SewerAI leads to an overall more productive work day.

Zack Herman
CCTV Foreman, Pipe and Plant Solutions Inc.

I can log in from any computer, and I can view the pipes with all the information there, on one screen. My challenge of explaining things to other people is simpler, because we’re looking at the same things.

Melchor Mateo III
Project Engineer, Binnie

Honestly, this program is fire. It’s super easy, and it’s by far superior to the competition. I love it. I don’t ever want to go back!

Charlotte Barney
City of Fort Smith AR

Data accuracy is important. We upload videos to SewerAI which does the coding for us, so our guys can focus on collecting the data.

Trino Pedraza
Dir of Public Works & Municipal Utilities, City of Galveston TX

AutoCode has a high accuracy rate average of 97% at properly coding identified defects...a significantly higher accuracy rate compared to contractors.

Ayobamidele Bello, PE
Senior Project Manager, Water, HR Green
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