Quality Assurance for Inspections

A new era of inspection data reliability & efficiency.
Comprehensive Automated Checks

Includes verification of Survey Headers, validation of each Operator’s NASSCO credentials, as well as confirmation of functioning distance counter, in-pipe camera speed, & video playback.

Customizable Check Parameters

The flexibility to choose specific checks, defining 'hard' and 'soft' no-pass criteria & workflows, customized to your project's specifications.

Dashboard Overview

A holistic page providing insights on status of passed inspections, Header corrections, & optical quality issues.

The Future of Video Inspection Integrity: Automated, Efficient, & Objective

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QAI Basic or Advanced provides a comprehensive suite of automated quality checks on incoming inspection videos, ensuring captured data adheres to a project's standards and specifications and is ready for complete AutoCode condition assessment.

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Cost Efficiency: Save on AutoCode assessment on lines that weren't properly televised & eliminate hours spent by QC managers on manual video reviews.

Rapid Feedback Loop: Reduce the time to notify contractors about corrections or re-televised requirements.

Project Thoroughness: Ensure complete & comprehensive data capture & review.

Accelerated Billing: Speed up invoicing & Accounts Receivable processes.

Data Integrity: Assure consistent data quality & reliability.

Pays for itself
overall optimal cost savings per Ft of inspected pipe
More accurate
more sewer conditions identified with AutoCode
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Enter a new world of inspection QC (quality control)

Advanced platform guarantees unparalleled integrity & efficiency for video inspections, revolutionizing traditional methods of quality checks.

Asset Data Verification

If provided with underlying asset data, QAI can also ensure inspections align with known assets, specific project scopes, or an Owner's system of record, such as GIS.

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Learn more about the workflow and its intent and download QAI specification guidelines

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