Computer Vision AI that automatically detects conditions in sewer pipe inspections
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A turn-key service, enabling Utilities, Contractors, and Engineers to inspect more pipe for less money, while increasing the accuracy of their data

Increase Inspection Speed

Capable of reporting on a single condition or a complete catalog of conditions, at a rate of tens of thousands of linear feet per hour.

Quality Data

Computer Vision technology adds a level of quality assurance never before seen in the industry.

Don’t Miss What Matters Most

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By utilizing computer vision with SewerAI, your team can quickly identify the most important defects to your operation. From complete NASSCO PACP inspections to Cross-Bore Safety Audits, our computer vision software is equipped to work for you.

Double Your Production

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Operators never have to take their hands off the controls. Accelerating the pace and consistency of an inspection.

Fast Results

Reviewing a single sewer video or larger dataset traditionally takes a certified technician many hours if not days to fully analyze and annotate. AutoCode accelerates the process up to 6x while also receiving consistent, highly accurate results.

Analytics & data visualization

Customizable analytic tools express metrics for Likelihood of Failure (LoF) and Consequence of Failure (CoF), so Asset Managers can assess Risk. AutoCode™ ensures data inputs from your sewer condition assessments are accurate and consistent. By leveraging the “crowd-sourcing effect” of the tens of millions of Ft of data under management in PIONEER, Utilities and Engineers can benchmark and compare the condition of their sewer infrastructure.

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Learn more about the workflow and its intent and download QAI specification guidelines

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