How HK Solutions Group Became the First Contractor on Earth to Assess 500 Miles of Pipelines Using AI

March 28, 2024
Blog Post

HK Solutions Group completes over 500 miles of pipe assessment using AutoCode!

HK Solutions Group, a leading provider of trenchless services and technologies throughout the US, recently achieved a significant milestone by completing over 500 miles of pipe assessment using SewerAI's AutoCode technology. This accomplishment makes HK Solutions Group the first sewer services contractor in the world to achieve this level of productivity using AI computer vision technology. ‍

SewerAI is a California-based startup that specializes in developing AI-powered solutions for sewer assessment, and their groundbreaking AutoCode technology automates the identification and classification of sewer defects, drastically reducing the need for manual data entry and review. AutoCode uses machine learning algorithms to analyze CCTV footage from sewer inspections and automatically identify defects such as fractures, corrosion, blockages, roots, and other issues. The AutoCode process generates NASSCO condition assessment deliverables engineers and municipalities use to efficiently prioritize repairs based on severity and location.

HK Solutions Group partnered with SewerAI to integrate AutoCode into their CCTV operations across more than 10 offices, in their fleet of over 20 CCTV inspection crews, and the results have been impressive. Having assessed over 500 miles of pipes in a relatively short period of time, HK Solutions Group has been able to significantly increase its field productivity while reducing costs and improving the accuracy and efficiency of their assessments. HK Solutions Group’s use of AutoCode for pipe assessment supplements the company’s robust offering around manhole inspection and rehabilitation, which uses a proprietary technology called Monoform™ to repair deteriorated vertical structures.

Currently thousands of manholes have been assessed through SewerAI’s AutoCode process as well. By automating the assessment process, SewerAI enables sewer services contractors to improve their productivity, reduce costs, and deliver more accurate and reliable assessments. With the ability to prioritize repairs and optimize maintenance schedules, contractors can save time and money while ensuring that sewer systems are operating at peak efficiency. With the promise of increased productivity, reduced costs, and improved efficiency, it's clear that AI-powered solutions like AutoCode are the future of sewer rehab and maintenance.

According to Eric Sullivan, Director of Business Development at SewerAI “we couldn’t be more excited about the level of strategic partnership HK Solutions Group has brought to this engagement, and their commitment to cutting edge innovation is now on display in achieving this milestone, and really, we’re just getting started. We look forward to assisting HK Solutions Group with the inspection of many many more miles of pipe.”