SewerAI Announces Strategic Partnership with Trimble Cityworks, to Empower Public Works Efficiencies

April 24, 2024
Trimble and SewerAI


Walnut Creek, CA - Today, SewerAI, a proud member of the Esri Silver Partner network, has officially announced a transformative partnership with Trimble Cityworks, through integration of its award-winning cloud-based inspection data management platform PIONEER by SewerAI™ with Trimble Cityworks’s industry-leading work order and enterprise asset management solution.

According to Billy Gilmartin, Co-Founder and CRO of SewerAI, "Our partnership with Trimble Cityworks aligns with our mission to offer the best total solution in the marketplace. We're enabling sewer utilities to continue elevating their condition assessment programs without compromising key functions supported by legacy inspection software vendors." This collaboration signifies a monumental stride in enhancing public works management efficiency. By integrating SewerAI's innovative cloud-based technologies with Trimble Cityworks, this partnership offers unmatched efficiency and accuracy in asset management and pipe inspection planning.

Seamless Workflows

The integration also simplifies spatial adjustments within PIONEER, promoting seamless connectivity between both systems. This enhancement ensures information is easily accessible, minimizing downtime and boosting productivity across the board.

Access to Enhanced Insights

For dispatchers, this partnership means they can effortlessly create work orders in Trimble Cityworks, with automatic updates sent to inspectors or crews, mirroring in their latest activity lists. Schedulers, planners, and engineers will see enhanced workflows, enabling them to create work orders based on location mapping or filtered selections using condition assessment details, and leverage SewerAI’s ground-breaking AutoCode™ AI computer vision tools, and its photogrammetry-based Sewer3D™ technology for generating “digital twin” 3D models of sewer infrastructure, all through Trimble Cityworks’ new integration with the PIONEER platform.

Optimized Field Operations

Inspectors will now receive pre-populated and automated work order assignments with the latest updates, eliminating the need for manual data entry. Even urgent inspections integrate seamlessly into Trimble Cityworks, becoming instantly available to all users.

Innovative Data Validation & Synchronization

A common challenge in public works management is keeping GIS attribute data current. With the integration of SewerAI and Trimble Cityworks—powered by SewerAI’s AI computer vision and machine learning tools such as Quality Assurance Inspection™ (QAI)—this process is now streamlined. The technologies enable users to swiftly review and update GIS attribute data, ensuring that GIS and Trimble Cityworks systems are in perfect sync. This feature is available to users with Esri editing permissions, offering seamless and accurate data management. Efficiency Focused on GIS-Centric Operations

Updating GIS attribute data is no longer a daunting task. PIONEER tools facilitate a rapid review of attribute data discrepancies, with updates applied swiftly and efficiently, ensuring the GIS and Trimble Cityworks systems are consistently up-to-date.

Results from Initial Implementation

Heath Pittman, Systems Integration Manager of Greer Commission of Public Works shared his experience with SewerAI, and his organization’s Trimble Cityworks integration: "Their customer service has exceeded my expectations. The integration team at SewerAI is incredibly cooperative and provided a solution that not only benefited our organization but has the potential to be seamlessly adapted by others."

About SewerAI

SewerAI is a leading technology firm specializing in cloud-based inspection management solutions. SewerAI’s flagship product, PIONEER, is transforming asset management and pipe inspection planning in public works management. As a valued member of the Esri Silver Partner network, it is committed to delivering excellence and innovation in all its collaborations with utilities, engineering firms, and services contractors.

About Trimble

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