SewerAI raises $15 million to modernize North American sewer infrastructure with AI

July 5, 2024
Underground Infrastructure

SewerAI raises $15 million to modernize North American sewer infrastructure with AI

(WO) – SewerAI announced the completion of a $15 million Series B funding round.

The aging infrastructure in the United States requires over $1 trillion in repairs and maintenance, driving demand for more efficient and accurate inspection methods. Utilities and service firms often use legacy software that is slow, error-prone and obsolete, keeping crews and equipment idle 66% of the time.

SewerAI aims to improve sewer system quality, accuracy and efficiency across North America with its cloud and AI-based solutions. Using SewerAI's platform, customers have been able to double the linear feet of inspections they're able to perform each day while increasing data quality and shortening turnaround times.

SewerAI will use the funds to expand its engineering and go-to-market teams, improve AI training, expand its product offering and scale operations. This will enable further product enhancements to increase productivity, accuracy and collaboration, and expand integrations with other solutions.

Candice S. Miller, public works commissioner, Macomb County, Michigan, said, "We've been doing whatever is necessary with the goal of preventing another underground infrastructure disaster. Inspections are an important element of that effort, and using SewerAI software enables us to perform that task much quicker, more effectively and more efficiently while saving ratepayers millions of dollars."

Justin Moore, CEO, Innovius Capital, said, "The U.S. is facing critical infrastructure challenges, and AI solutions that drive down costs and speed up remediation will be key. SewerAI's cloud and AI-driven solutions significantly reduce costs and enhance efficiency and accuracy in inspecting the 6.8 billion feet of sewer pipes across the nation.

“Its advanced technology and robust dataset make it the clear market leader, enabling field workers to eliminate repetitive tasks and focus on proactive maintenance and remediation, ultimately improving critical urban infrastructure management. We are excited to support SewerAI's growth and impact."

Matthew Rosenthal, founder and CEO, SewerAI, said, "U.S. municipalities spend about $50 billion annually just to maintain their aging pipe infrastructure. Our software has saved tens of thousands of engineering hours and tens of millions of dollars for our customers. This new funding round will enable us to expand our product portfolio and scale as we continue to provide massive value to our customers and partners."