SewerAI's Cover Story Feature in Municipal Water Leader

April 24, 2024
Municipal Water Leader

Co-founders Matthew Rosenthal and Billy Gilmartin dive into how leveraging AI, cloud, and photogrammetry is redefining sewer inspections.

Learn more about what inspired our founders to start this journey, and the impacts our AI, cloud, and photogrammetry technologies are making for utilities, engineers, and services contractors as our industry tackles major challenges assessing and rehabilitating our aging sewer infrastructure. "It’s not too often that you encounter a technology you truly think will change the industry—but one of those moments came to us when we learned about SewerAI. By automating the process of reviewing pipe inspection footage using artificial intelligence, SewerAI’s solutions can double field productivity and accelerate in-office sewer assessment work by even more. This has the potential to become the standard industry practice. The company has attracted major clients, including the City of Houston and the Knoxville Utilities Board. In our cover interview with Cofounders Matt Rosenthal and Billy Gilmartin, we discuss the company’s solutions, which also include creating digital twins of underground infrastructure and automating quality assurance." - Kris Polly, Editor-in-Chief of Municipal Water Leader