360 Video

Interactive “virtual” pan tilt and zoom inside the sewer

Create a Digital Twin of your MH Asset

SewerAI’s unique in-house photogrammetry technology leverages GoPro MAX (360) videos to render detailed textured 3D models of manhole (MH) structures, in addition to providing advanced tools in PIONEER for 360 video playback, enabling virtual pan, tilt, zoom, vertical distance, and clock position orientation. 

What does this mean for you? SewerAI has disrupted our industry in a positive way by enabling the use of camera equipment that is far more affordable than what’s previously been available, drastically lowering the cost to stand up inspection crews by a factor of 10x or more. 

Create Inspections on Site

Quickly generate single inspections or projects direct to PIONEER, or create from pre-populated inspection headers.

Flexible Workflows

Enables BOTH AutoCode™ & manual inspection workflows.

Sync Data Straight from the Field

Make your inspection data available instanly.

Do you still have sunk costs in legacy equipment? PIONEER also enables you to ingest and stream the unique file types from several legacy equipment manufactures, such as data captured with:

  • IBAK PANORAMO mainline 
  • PANORAMO SI manhole 
  • CleverScan manhole
  • CUES DUC mainline system

Have SewerAI perform NASSCO condition assessments using our AutoCode process, or alternatively, log in securely to PIONEER and have your own staff complete the surveys remotely.

We made PIONEER so easy to use. Like, really easy.