Cross Bore Safety Audit

Automatically detect cross bores and other defects

SewerAI has developed and trained AI tools using computer vision deep learning technology which can automatically detect cross bores and related defects in CCTV sewer data, and has been performing these services for some of the largest utilities and inspection contractors in the US.

These solutions are for archival videos already captured, and also support ongoing inspection projects. 

By identifying missed cross bores, anomalies, or possible utility conflicts, the technology can add a level of quality assurance never before seen in the industry.

Create Inspections on Site

Quickly generate single inspections or projects direct to PIONEER, or create from pre-populated inspection headers.

Flexible Workflows

Enables BOTH AutoCode™ & manual inspection workflows.

Sync Data Straight from the Field

Make your inspection data available instanly.

We made PIONEER so easy to use. Like, really easy.