Pipe Data & Analytics

Powerful insights that drive asset management

Create Inspections on Site

Quickly generate single inspections or projects direct to PIONEER, or create from pre-populated inspection headers.

Flexible Workflows

Enables BOTH AutoCode™ & manual inspection workflows.

Sync Data Straight from the Field

Make your inspection data available instanly.

Customizable analytic tools express metrics for Likelihood of Failure (LoF) and Consequence of Failure (CoF), so Asset Managers can assess Risk. AutoCode™ ensures data inputs from your sewer condition assessments are accurate and consistent. By leveraging the “crowd-sourcing effect” of the tens of millions of feet of data under management in PIONEER, Utilities and Engineers can benchmark and compare the condition of their sewer infrastructure.

  • Consequence of Failure x Likelihood of Failure = Risk 
  • Display assets within a Risk Rating Index
  • Leverages: 
    - Aggregated condition data for benchmarking & comparative analysis
    - Geolocation data on proximity to waterways & other critical assets
  • Customize & weight various risk factors
  • Link your assets to inspection data in PIONEER

We made PIONEER so easy to use. Like, really easy.