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White Paper: Pipe Survey Comparison Index (PSCI)

One of the issues at the heart of the matter regarding our AI-assisted condition assessment process is: how do the deliverables compare to traditional (manual) outputs?

To address that, we developed a method for QA and review of pipeline inspection videos and data called the Pipe Survey Comparison Index (PSCI) to provide a quantitative assessment of the similarity of two NASSCO PACP® surveys of the same pipe asset. Given two surveys of the same pipe (i.e. Survey 1 and Survey 2), PSCI considers factors including but not limited to the severity, longitudinal distance, and circumferential position of PACP® Observations, to determine whether Observations in Surveys 1 and 2 match each other, and to what degree.

This method for Quality Assurance Review is SewerAI’s intellectual property and is not claimed to be certified or endorsed by NASSCO.

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